Constant quality. Constantly.


The engineering behind the installation

At KOMA, we only deal in the best quality there is. To do that, we design and manufacture the installations ourselves. Our engineers are hard at work every day designing tailor-made solutions that exceed expectations and deliver the best ROI for your business.

That means you get an installation that not only meets the legal and technical requirements, but is optimally designed for maximum energy savings and adapted to your way of working.

Custom design

When designing your installation, we will take into account your needs and how you are going to use the installation. We will take your specific input to create a design that is tailor-made. After consulting with you and receiving your approval, we will work on the details of the design for production. That means each unit is then suitable exactly for your needs – bearing in mind what it will be used for, how long your products need to be frozen for, and how much capacity you need. We don’t do standard products, we do true tailor-made solutions. That’s how KOMA makes the difference.