Constant quality. Constantly.


What happens after an order is placed?

After extensive input and advice from our specialists, you are ready to place an order with KOMA. We will examine your order carefully and determine the technical requirements.

At this stage, we bring a project manager on board, so you have a single point of contact for all of your queries.

To help us deliver the perfect installation, we will visit you on-site, engineer the details and take part in construction meetings. This information is used to produce technical drawings. The installation will be completely tailored to your demands and your location. 

All cabinets are 100% manufactured and tested at KOMA before they are delivered to you. Only once all the boxes are ticked will we deliver the installation in parts to you. So, you can be completely sure that you are receiving premium quality and the installation can be set up quickly on site.



Before we deliver your installation, a range of tests need to be passed. We test against leaks, but also to ensure that the refrigeration, electrical, and control systems are working as they should be. This guarantees that you KOMA installation runs in perfect order. 

Next step is to deliver the installation quickly and efficiently. So, you get the best quality with the least amount of impact on your production and time. 

We check all details on any obstructions in the drains, floors, insulation and heating, and assure we have the installation installed according to our internal specifications. 

As soon as the unit is placed, the refrigeration system will be installed. At this point, we are still testing extensively to ensure the calculated capacity is delivered, the electrical system is up to standard, and the operating system is fully functional. So, you van rely on your KOMA installation to deliver consistent quality. 

Large installations and systems are inspected by independent bodies to ensure top quality.