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KSP SpiroStar

Spiral freezer for blast freezing, freezing, chilling and conditioning (-38°C / +40°C )

KOMA spiral towers are suitable for blast freezing, freezing, chilling and fermenting, and they can consequently be incorporated into any automated production process.

The KOMA SpiroStar is are suitable for output of up to 500 kg per hour. The advantage of the SpiroStar

Het voordeel van de Spiraal is that it does not require a lot of space. The conveyor belt can be equipped as a stainless steel or plastic version. In order to comply with hygiene standards (HACCP procedures), these are equipped with an automatic belt washing system.   

The energy and the air temperature requirements are automatically adjusted with the KOMA KControl computer system according to the belt loading, due to which the energy consumption per kilo of product remains especially low. 

System description

  • KSP spiral systems (blast freezing, freezing, chilling, conditioning)
  • KOMA KControl computerised control system 
  • Remote monitoring capability
  • Belt washing system